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The new binax hearing aids from Siemens enable wearers to understand speech in challenging listening environments even better than people with normal hearing.

Using advanced directional microphones and innovative wireless binaural processing, sound is picked up using a virtual eight microphone network, and the clever binax chip within the hearing aids eliminates the noise you don’t want to hear, and focuses on the sound you do want to hear.

With this technology, background chatter in a busy restaurant, wind noise while out walking, and the sound of traffic whilst on the road is greatly reduced, all while maintaining the clear, natural sound quality you expect. This has long been a difficulty faced by hearing aid users.

These new hearing aids accommodate almost any hearing loss so you can personalise the devices to meet your individual needs. Compatibility with a range of accessories and smartphone apps further increases the customisation and functionality available for your hearing aids.

To find out more about this revolutionary technology and how you can benefit from it, please call 1800 229 283 to make an appointment.

* Two independent clinical studies have shown that Siemens hearing instruments with binaural processing provide better than normal hearing
capabilities in certain demanding listening environments.

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