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Looking after your hearing isn’t just a practical consideration, it’s an important factor for experiencing all the joys of life. While hearing impairment is no barrier to living a long and fulfilling life, it can certainly present challenges in some areas. Hearing loss can affect relationships, families, professional lives and individual pleasures. Fortunately, many types of hearing loss are preventable and there are a range of steps you can take to protect yourself.

Here are 5 ways to prevent hearing loss.

  1. Minimise Your Exposure to Loud Noises

Hearing loss caused by loud noise exposure is 100% preventable. By taking some common-sense steps, you can reduce the impact of loud noises.

One easy step you can take is to never listen to music through headphones or earbuds at maximum volume. Loud noise is anything at 85 decibels or more while normal conversation occurs at about 45 decibels.

Keeping your music at the lower end of the spectrum will prevent your exposure to loud noise and help to protect your ears.

Similarly, protective ear plugs or earmuffs should be worn when you’re exposed to other loud activity. Many workplace environments expose you to noises louder than 85 decibels and protection should be worn in these environments.

  1. Talk to Your Employer

Following on from the previous point, employees in at-risk occupations should talk to their employer about receiving adequate hearing protection. There are a range of federal and state regulations that govern hearing protection in at-risk workplaces, and making sure that you are protected is essential.

  1. Consider Quality Headphones

As well as turning your headphones down, it’s important to invest in quality product. A higher quality headphone will have noise cancelling qualities that block out background noises. This means that you can naturally enjoy your music at a lower volume.

Of course, buying expensive products isn’t always an option, especially for children. In these cases, parents should be careful to moderate headphone use. Make sure your children don’t wear them for long periods and if you can hear their music or videogame, tell them to turn the volume down.

  1. Invest in Quieter Products

Noise is all around you in your home, from the boiling of the kettle to the gurgle of the washing machine and the constant hum of the fridge. But did you know that you can buy low-noise products?

Many common applications have low decibel models that will create a naturally quieter environment. While some of these noises may seem inconsequential at first, they can all contribute to hearing loss, especially if your hearing is already at risk.

  1. Take the Time to Check Your Hearing

You only get one set of ears so it’s important to take care of them. Make sure you get your hearing checked regularly and talk to an audiologist about your hearing health. If you’re experience any unusual symptoms, have them checked immediately. Around one third of permanent hearing loss can be prevented and keeping an eye of your ears in one way to do this.



If you have concerns about your hearing and would like to organise a test, the team at Bay Audio can help you. Our qualified audiologists have locations around the country and can assist you with hearing checks, hearing devices and other strategies.

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