Our audiologists


Our Audiologists

A large part of what makes Bay Audio the leader in hearing health service, is our highly-qualified, friendly Audiologists. Our team are not only eager to find the perfect hearing solution for you, but they do it with kindness and genuine concern. You can be rest assured that if you visit Bay Audio for testing and diagnosis, you are in the best of hands.

Our audiologists are all well-trained and fully qualified, with the experience to conduct hearing tests and diagnose a myriad of hearing problems. Before making an appointment with one of our clinicians, it isn’t necessary to see a doctor for a referral, simply give one of our stores a call and make an appointment, after which you will undergo a comprehensive series of tests. Once your hearing test has been completed, our audiology service also includes an extensive report of your results. Our audiologists aim to provide you with an exceptional level of diagnostic and rehabilitative care.

If our clinicians find that your hearing issues fall into the category of “special cases” Bay Audio works with medical doctors and otolaryngologists (doctors who specialise in ear diseases) and refer our patients onto a specialist in cases such as deformity, excessive wax accumulation, sudden onset of hearing loss, acute or chronic dizziness and pain.

Should you require a hearing device, our helpful audiologists will take you through the different hearing aids available and which devices will suit your needs best. They will fit the device for you, so you will be hearing the world around you loudly and clearly in no time. You can also see our range of hearing aids here.

With Bay Audio’s audiologists you can expect the highest level of audiology services, delivered with empathy and care.

Pop into your local Bay Audio store to see one of our Audiologists. Book an appointment today.