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Online Hearing Check

Check your hearing range online for free

Our free online hearing test will determine whether you should seek a further appointment with one of our Audiologists about your hearing.

Many people struggle with differing levels of hearing loss and don’t get the help or equipment they need to get so much more out of life! You may have had family and friends notice that you may be affected with hearing loss, so this is an effective first step to establish what state your hearing is in.

Through taking this quick, free online hearing test in the comfort of your own home, you can have peace of mind and plan your necessary next steps.


This will take approximately 2-4 minutes, and you will get your best results using over-ear or earbud headphones. Otherwise, you can use your laptop speakers.


It will check both your right and left hearing independently, so if you can only hear through one earphone at a time, that is normal.

This check requires you to select words or phrases you can hear on the screen. Set your computer or tablet up so this is easily done, or in a way where a family member or friend can help you.

Doing a hearing check online is just an indicator of the current quality of your hearing, and isn’t a substitute for a comprehensive hearing test performed by an Audiologist.

If you’re still concerned about your hearing following normal hearing range results from this online hearing check, make an appointment with one of our fully qualified and friendly team members at Bay Audio.

Instructions for our online hearing check:

1. Ensure your volume is set before you start the hearing check

Set your volume to a comfortable level and test your headphones are working correctly before you begin. You can try testing them with some music, or by using the speaker sound test on your computer.

2. Make sure you’re in a quiet area without too much background noise

3. Choose the option that suits you:
‘Headphones’ or ‘Speakers’

4. Relax and listen to each statement carefully

Then choose the option on the screen that matches what you think you heard.

Begin the online hearing check

Please test your volume and select the option that suits you to begin the check