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Online Hearing Test

Check your hearing range online for free right now

Many people continue to put up with hearing loss without getting the support or equipment that would help them connect better with the world around them.

Do you suspect your ability to hear isn’t quite what it was? Or have family or friends made comments about it? Doing our free online hearing test is an effective first step toward establishing exactly what state your hearing is in. It will also help you decide whether it might be worth having a more in-depth hearing test with one of our audiologists.

By doing this quick, free hearing test online in the comfort of your own home, you’ll have both a clearer picture of any hearing loss as well as know what to do next.


This online hearing test will take between two and four minutes. Using over-ear or earbud headphones will provide the most accurate results. You can also simply use your computer’s speakers.


At times, your right and left hearing will be checked separately, so if you hear through only one earphone at a time, that is normal.

This online frequency hearing test will require you to select words or phrases you hear that you also see on your screen. Set up your computer or tablet so this can be easily done, or in a way where a family member or friend can help you.

Doing a hearing test online will give you a good indication of the current quality of your hearing, but it isn’t a substitute for a comprehensive examination undertaken by a qualified Audiologist.

For that reason, if you’re still concerned about your hearing even if the online test puts you in the Normal range, make an appointment to chat with a hearing care professional at Bay Audio. You’ve nothing to lose except your hearing loss.

Instructions for our online hearing test:

1. Ensure your volume is set before you start

Set your volume to a comfortable level and check your headphones are working properly before you begin. You can test them by playing some music you’re familiar with through them, or by using the speaker sound test on your computer.

2. Make sure you’re in a quiet area without much (if any) background noise

3. Choose the option that suits you:

Headphones or Speakers

4. Relax and carefully listen to each word in the test

Choose the word on the screen that matches what you believe you heard.

Begin the online hearing check

Please test your volume and select the option that suits you to begin the check


Book an in-store hearing test

As already mentioned, hearing tests online are an easy and fast way to check your hearing, but hearing tests undertaken in person with a qualified Audiologist are understandably more accurate. If you’d like to have your hearing comprehensively checked with one of our fully qualified and friendly team at Bay Audio, click here. If you’d like to know more about our 30-minute in-store hearing tests and the state-of-the-art audiometry equipment we use, click here.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a free hearing test online really free?

Absolutely! There will be no cost to you whatsoever to use the technology in Bay Audio’s online hearing test.

How accurate is your hearing loss test online?

Our free online hearing test is a valuable and convenient resource if you suspect you’ve got some degree of hearing loss. However, a Bay Audio audiologist can administer a more definitive hearing test that uses a range of audiometry technology to evaluate hearing sensitivity and responses to speech, combined with an exceptional level of customer service so you can be confident you’re in good hands. Your ears would be examined and your hearing test would be administered in a painless and non-invasive manner, with test tones played to you through a headset or earplugs. The test would take about 30 minutes. After our audiologist has completed your test, they would discuss what next steps you could take, whether further medical referral is required or whether hearing devices such as hearing aids are necessary.

Can you do an online hearing test without headphones?

Yes - you can simply listen to the sound components of the ear test online using your computer speakers. However, your right and left hearing would be checked independently, for which you will get more accurate results using over-ear or earbud stereo headphones.

How do I know if I might have a hearing loss?

After the online hearing test is completed, you would be given a result which will suggest which range your hearing most likely sits within: Normal, or . While this will give you a good indication as a starting point, to thoroughly confirm whether you have a hearing impairment, you would need to have a professional hearing test in person by a Bay Audio audiologist.