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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Say goodbye to disposable batteries with rechargeable hearing aids. Hassle-free and long-lasting, rechargeable hearing aids give you the freedom to experience crystal-clear sound and high-quality performance without worrying about spare batteries. 

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How do rechargeable hearing aids work?

Rechargeable hearing aids work by using a built-in battery that can be recharged with a charging station. The battery used is typically a lithium-ion battery (the same battery used in most smartphones) or silver-zinc battery. 

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries are an environmentally friendly alternative with a quick, simple recharge; 3-4 hours of charge time will provide a full day’s use! Most people simply place their rechargeable hearing aids in the charging station before going to bed to keep their hearing aids ready for daily use.

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What hearing aids are rechargeable?

At Bay Audio, we have a range of ReSound and Starkey rechargeable hearing aid models to suit a variety of needs. When you visit your local Bay Audio store, you’ll meet one of our highly-qualified, friendly audiologists who’ll show you the range and let you know which rechargeable hearing aid would suit your needs. 

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Starkey rechargeable hearing aids

Starkey is globally recognised as the premier provider of hearing technology and offers a comprehensive range of rechargeable hearing aids that meet strict standards for comfort, personalisation, performance and durability. Our Starkey rechargeable hearing aid models include: Evolv AI, Livio Edge AI, Livio AI. 

ReSound rechargeable hearing aids

ReSound is a global leader in intelligent audio solutions with a long history of developing solutions that help individuals rediscover hearing and live rich, active lives. Their range of rechargeable hearing aids uses innovative, breakthrough technology with high-performance capabilities. Our ReSound rechargeable hearing aids include: ReSound Key and ReSound ONE.

How long do rechargeable hearing aid batteries last?

On average, rechargeable hearing aid batteries last between 1-5 years, depending on the battery used, with lithium-ion lasting longer than silver-zinc batteries. If a lithium-ion battery is used, your rechargeable hearing aid won’t have a battery door, but it will last a considerable length of time before you’ll need to replace your hearing aid or have the battery replaced. Rechargeable hearing aids that use a silver-zinc battery will have a battery door that allows you to replace the battery when needed (approximately every 12 months). 

To keep your rechargeable hearing aid and battery in peak performance, regular maintenance and cleaning is essential. Not only will this drastically extend the life of your device, but it also ensures the sound you receive is crystal clear. Additionally, It’s recommended that rechargeable hearing aids be kept in their charging station whenever possible; this way, you’ll always know where to find them and keep your battery from draining. When it’s not possible to have them in their charging station, simply switch them off and store them in a safe place to maintain the life of your rechargeable hearing aid battery.

Visit our hearing aid maintenance and cleaning guide to learn about our Aftercare services and how you can care for your rechargeable hearing aid.

How much do rechargeable hearing aids cost?

Rechargeable hearing aids in Australia have varying costs. While they often cost more than hearing aids with disposable batteries, they offer longer shelf lives and use the latest, high-performance technologies available on the market.

When finding the ideal hearing aid for your needs and circumstances, it’s always best to talk with qualified audiologists. Make a booking enquiry today to meet with your local audiologist; they’ll show you the range, let you know costs, and help you find the perfect hearing solution.

Steps to recharge your hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids are quick and easy to recharge; all you need to do is place your hearing aids on their charging station before you go to bed to keep your rechargeable hearing aids ready to use each day. Recharge your hearing aids in three simple steps:

Step 1.

Connect your charger to power using the provided cable.

Step 2.

Place your rechargeable hearing aids in the charging ports; they’ll automatically begin charging using inductive technology.

Step 3.

Use the LED lights to monitor the charging status.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best rechargeable hearing aids?

At Bay Audio, our range of ReSound and Starkey rechargeable hearing aids are some of the best available on the Australian market.

Our rechargeable hearing aids are available in various styles and colours to suit every preference and offer the best rechargeable battery life in the industry (well over a day of use). They’re compatible with both Apple and Android devices and use premium technologies to give you natural, clear sound. 

Are there invisible rechargeable hearing aids available?

Many modern rechargeable hearing aids offer discreet designs that are nearly invisible externally. At Bay Audio, we have a variety of fits and styles available; our most discreet hearing solutions are: Thin tube receiver in the ear technology and customer in-the-ear rechargeable devices. 

Invisible open technology (IOT): As the world’s smallest hearing aid style, IOT hearing solutions offer a natural look and comfortable, discreet fit. This is the most ideal solution for individuals looking for a near invisible hearing aid. Rechargeable hearings aids in this style include: Starkey Evolv AI and Resound One 

In the ear (ITE): ITE hearing aids are designed to fit comfortably in your ear while still being large enough to handle easily. While still offering subtly, their larger size allows for a larger battery and less frequent charging. Rechargeable hearings aids in this style include: Starkey Evolv AI

Your Hearing Technology Experts

At Bay Audio, our expert team of audiologists can help you find the perfect rechargeable hearing aid for your needs, so you can continue to live a rich, active life. Make a booking enquiry today to meet with your local team, take a comprehensive hearing test, and determine your ideal hearing solution.