Hearing Health

Hearing plays a vital role in your quality of life and emotional and physical well-being. Maintaining your hearing health allows you to interact with friends and family, participate in leisure activities, and pursue your education and career.

Hearing Explained

Hearing is a vital way in which we interpret the world around us; from conversations with loved ones, to listening to traffic as we cross the road. But how does hearing work?

Experiencing Hearing Loss

Sometimes it’s not easy to recognise the symptoms of hearing loss or know what type of hearing loss you may have. Bay Audio are here for you and can provide help and advice on what you need to do and your next steps.

Hearing Tests

A hearing test is what our audiologists will take you through to understand the challenges you have making sense of the sounds around you, and will identify any problems that you may be experiencing.

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can have a life changing impact. It’s a whole new world finding out about the different types and models of hearing aids. Your local Bay Audio expert can talk you through the different models and types of hearing aids, and the impact they have on your life.

Living with Hearing Aids

Living with hearing aids can see a dramatic improvement in your quality of life and interaction with loved ones and a decrease in anxiety about social situations. However, while improved sound and communication have their upsides, it can also feel a little overwhelming when you embark on life with hearing aids, as you may experience a sensory overload while you come to terms with the way the world around you sounds.

elder man with hearing aid

Your Hearing Technology Experts

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