Being able to have the conversations you want to have, whenever you want, is so important, but most standard home phones (let alone mobile phones) just aren’t up to the task for hearing impaired people. Take a look at some of the amplified phones available from Bay Audio and make staying in touch so much easier.

Our range of phones

Looking to upgrade from a standard landline phone to something more suited to your hearing loss? We stock a wide range of corded and cordless amplified phones with features that a conventional landline phone simply doesn’t include. Each has been specifically designed to remove the obstacles associated with hearing impairments that get in the way when talking with family, friends, colleagues, essential services and the wider world. 

Engage with every conversation without hearing loss holding you back.

Cordless phones

Being able to make a call without being restricted by a phone cord, and not having to rush to a ringing phone anchored to a socket in another room, is hugely convenient. Our range of specialised cordless phones extend that convenience with innovative technology designed to maximise your ability to hear and be heard clearly, so you can communicate more easily and with less frustration.

Choose from easy-to-use practical features including sound amplification and one-touch volume boost, handsfree operation, in-built digital answering machine, speed dial, call blocking, additional handsets, backlit displays, loud ringer volume, and even lighting that alerts you to incoming calls.

CARE820 DECT Cordless Amplified Phone with Answering Machine

CARE820 DECT Cordless Amplified Phone Pack with Answering Machine + Additional Handset

CARE620 DECT Cordless Amplified Phone with Instant Call Blocking

CARE620 DECT Cordless Amplified Phone Pack with Instant Call Blocking + Additional Handset

Additional Cordless Amplified Phone to suit CARE620/CARE820

PRO610-1 Amplified Digital Cordless Phone

Corded phones

Corded phones connected directly to a phone line offer excellent sound reproduction and clarity and are also less susceptible to signal interference and drop-outs, especially as you’ll never wander too far from the receiver. 

The range of corded phones we offer are designed to help those living with not just hearing loss but low vision, dexterity, mobility or memory difficulties too. The range of helpful phone features you can choose from includes adjustable volume and amplification, one-touch volume boosts, hearing aid compatibility, hands-free speakerphone, large, high contrast buttons, visual ring indicators, photos and braille dots for frequently called numbers, wall-mounting, call blocking, extra-loud ringers… so there’s sure to be a phone just right for you.

Home Phone Value Pack (Corded + Cordless Phone)

CARE80S Big Button Amplified Speakerphone with Picture Dialing

CARE95 Big Button Amplified Speakerphone

CARE80 Amplified Phone with Picture Dialing

TP58 Big Button Speakerphone

Care100 Amplified Big Button Phone

TP4 Trimline Phone

TP5 Trimline Corded Phone

See our full range: hearing impaired phones

Effective conversations, and the right phone can help greatly whether or not you use hearing aids. Come in store for advice from our experienced audiologists to discuss your hearing loss and to inspect our full range of specialised phones.


Your Hearing Technology Experts

If some of these symptoms ring true for you, you may be experiencing hearing loss. Thankfully, modern technology has created hearing aids that deliver truly amazing hearing improvements while remaining virtually undetectable.

Bay Audio are the hearing technology experts, and can find the perfect hearing aid for you to ensure you can continue to enjoy life as normal. If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, book a hearing test with one of our experts now.