Types of Hearing Aids

Innovations in hearing aid technology have advanced greatly in recent times; the latest hearing aids are state of the art in terms of features, style and size.

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Types of hearing devices range from subtle behind the ear versions to those which are entirely invisible, to which connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Hearing aids are designed to mimic normal hearing, working to restore your hearing impairment to as close to its original state as possible. There can be a range of hearing aids which suit your hearing loss and your lifestyle, an appointment with our friendly team for a hearing test and chat will allow you to compare hearing aids and determine the best hearing aid for you, depending on your circumstances.

Behind the Ear

Behind the ear (or BTE) aids are known for their curved design and clear tube. As the name suggests, they sit snugly behind the ear, with the earmold and tube directing the sound into your ear.

These are some of the most common types of hearing aids and are ideal for those with smaller ear canals.

BTE style is available with:


Receiver in the Ear Canal

Receiver in the ear canal (RITC) hearing aids operate similarly to behind the ear devices.

Differing in that they house a receiver inside the ear canal, this means that sound is delivered directly to the eardrum ensuring a high quality of sound for the receiver.

RITC style is available with:

Livio AI

In the Ear

In-ear hearing aids (ITE) are hearing aids that are designed to fit comfortably in your ear. They are a more discreet type of hearing aid but are large enough to be handled easily.

These types of hearing aids have larger batteries than smaller models, meaning less frequent charging. They also enable more electronic features such as volume control.  

ITE style is available with:

In The Ear Hearing Aid

In the Canal

Like ITE hearing aids, can now be rechargeable. In the canal (ITC) hearing aids have a custom design that allows them to be discreetly fitted inside the ear canal.

With the ear canal sitting between the outer ear and eardrum, fitting a hearing aid here makes it virtually invisible. As well as being discreet, these hearing aids are easy to use and as they are fitted within the canal, there is little interference, meaning the sound received is clear and uninterrupted. ITC devices can be suitable for wearers with moderate to severe hearing loss.

ITE style is available with:

Muse IQ

Completely in the Canal

For optimum comfort and subtlety, completely in the canal (CIC) hearing aids are an even more discreet version of an ITC hearing aid.

As the name suggests, advanced hearing aid technology allows for these devices to fit entirely within the ear canal, meaning they are even more hidden from external view.

CIC style is available with:

Oticon Opn

Invisible Open Technology

Invisible open technology (IOT) is the world’s smallest hearing aid. Entirely hidden, this hearing aid looks incredibly natural and due to its small size, is incredibly comfortable as well.

Utilizing a microphone and slim tubing, individually contoured to your ears an IOT hearing aids blends in with your ear for the ultimate discretion, ideal for a wearer who is after an invisible hearing aid.

IOT style is available with:

SoundLens Synergy iQ

Open Ear Fitting

Open ear fitting (OEF) are a testament to how far hearing aid technology has come. Open fit hearing aids are essentially miniature models with the same great sound quality.

The height of comfort and aesthetically appealing, these devices are great for users of all ages.

Open ear fitting hearing aid

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