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Hearing Solutions

While it’s true that 1 in 3 Australians over 65 live with a reduction in hearing ability, hearing loss is something that extends well beyond the ageing process. People of all generations are affected, most commonly due to factors such as childhood illnesses or over-exposure to loud work noises.

Are you now finding that you’re missing out on too many of the sounds around you? Or are you concerned that the sounds around you have the potential to cause your hearing harm? There are audiological solutions that can help fix all of that.

Having to deal with hearing loss – or the potential for hearing loss – can seem overwhelming, but with so many treatments and preventative options available, there is little reason for not taking action. We can guide you through the steps towards improving your hearing, and you can be confident there is a perfect hearing solution for you regardless of your hearing loss, preferences and lifestyle.

Hearing Aids

Today’s digital hearing aids bear little resemblance to the bulky and unsightly standard hearing aids of the past. Miniaturisation has made new hearing aids virtually invisible, and the latest technology has drastically improved hearing care while making available a range of desirable lifestyle features.

Made with state-of-the-art design and technology, hearing aids are durable and easy to operate. Used regularly, they will allow you to get back to enjoying your surroundings in a whole new way. See all the options now available.

ear plugs

Hearing Protection – Custom Ear Plugs

If you’re after more than just a basic level of noise protection plus higher levels of comfort and sound quality, upgrading to custom ear plugs is an option worth thinking about.

Individually moulded to match the exact shape of your ear canal, custom ear plugs feel so natural it’s like they’re not in your ears at all. In addition to always staying in place and feeling much more comfortable for hours, custom ear plugs can let through the sound frequencies you want to hear, while blocking the harmful ones you don’t.

Accessories & Devices

We offer a huge variety of accessories and devices to help support the equipment you’ve invested in to make your hearing loss much more manageable.

  • Headphones – we’ve curated a collection of specialised headphones engineered to amplify certain sounds and elevate your music-listening experiences.
  • Hearing Aid Batteries – these are available in various sizes, colour-coded to suit our various hearing aid models.
  • Phones and Phone Accessories – we stock a selection of big-button landline phones that are seamlessly compatible with our hearing aids, so you can stay connected more easily to every conversation without sight or hearing loss holding you back.
  • Alarm Clocks – choose from timepieces with built-in lights, vibration features and loud-alarm modes to ensure you’re always awakened on time, every time.

Hearing Solutions Locations

Searching for hearing loss solutions near you? Find the address, opening times and contact details of the closest and most convenient Bay Audio clinic that serves your local area, then drop by to pick up the items you need or get in touch to arrange an appointment.

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