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Black ReSound Key Hearing Aid
ReSound Key Hearing Aid in Ear
ReSound Key Hearing Aid in Ear

ReSound Key

Welcome to great hearing – even in noisy environments. The ReSound KeyTM range of in-ear, behind-the-ear and custom-made hearing aids stand out for their tested & proven binaural technologies that enable both ears to work together more effectively: key sounds are focused on in one ear, while the other ear monitors the broader soundscape. This combination helps wearers enjoy more natural and authentic listening and conversation experiences.

Key Features

  • Premium audiological technologies
  • Suitable for all types of hearing loss
  • Streams audio from compatible Apple and Android devices
  • Up to 30 hours between charges
  • Controllable via the ReSound Smart 3DTM app

Features and Benefits

Enjoy the full and natural experience of being able to hear voices not just in front of you, but to the side and behind you too.


Reduces background noise and adapts to changing environments to make hearing easier


Available in Behind-The-Ear, In-The-Ear and custom-made models and five colour options


Control volume and background noise, change sound programs, check your battery and more using the ReSound Smart 3DTM app

BlueTooth® audio streaming from compatible phones plus wireless accessories to connect to TVs, radios and landline phones


Includes a stylish desktop charger or optional portable charger (ideal for travelling) – no batteries to change


Download software updates and upgrades, and get user support consultations via live video

When using ReSound Key, people say they hear better, use less listening effort, and feel less worried about their hearing in both noisy and quiet environments. They are more likely to participate in the things they want to do every day, and their spouses notice the effects of better hearing, too.

Great hearing is built on organic hearing

The inspiration for all our hearing solutions begins with a deep understanding of how people naturally hear and interact with the world around them. That is why all ReSound hearing aids are built on our unique Organic Hearing philosophy, which emulates natural hearing experience as closely as possible, for true clarity and better hearing all round.


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Grandmother and granddaughter having a conversation

How it Works

1. Book your Hearing Test

Visit our online booking portal to make an appointment at your local store.

2. Find the right solution

We’ll help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

3. Ongoing service and support

Enjoy ongoing service and support from our friendly team at your nearest location.

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