Travelling with hearing aids

How to Travel With Hearing Aids

Here’s everything you need to know about travelling with hearing aids: what to pack, preparations to make, and how to handle your hearing aids on the plane.

Packing checklist

Before you set out for the airport, you’ll want to pack plenty of hearing aid accessories in case of an emergency. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A case for storing hearing aids when you’re on the move. 
  • Cleaning tools including a cloth, wax pick, brush, and hearing aid cleaning wire.
  • Extra hearing aid batteries (leave enough time to source these from your nearest Bay Audio store).
  • A charger for rechargeable hearing aids.
  • An adaptor to suit the power outlet if you’re staying in a foreign country. 
  • Equipment for drying if you plan on being around water (e.g. a dehydrator).
  • Spare hearing aids if you have them (an old but still functional pair is a good backup).

Note: because you’ll most likely be wearing your hearing aids during the flight, it’s best to stow all these in your carry-on as opposed to checked baggage.

Packing the right hearing aid accessories
Preparation for travelling with hearing aids

Make preliminary preparations

In the lead-up to your trip, talk to your insurer about having your hearing aids included in your travel insurance if they aren’t already. This will give you peace of mind should they be damaged.

It’s also a good idea to research the location and see if there is anywhere that can provide repairs or essential maintenance items in the event of damage. Bay Audio, for example, has over 100 locations throughout Australia if you are traveling domestically.

If there’s going to be no supplier near you, your Bay Audio clinician will be able to provide some spare components such as shoes, tubes, and domes.

Is it OK to wear hearing aids when flying?

There is nothing to stop you from wearing your hearing aids while flying, and they’ll also help you at the airport. Check if the airport has a loop that can transmit announcements directly to your hearing aid, so you don’t miss anything important amidst all the ambient noise.  

You can wear your hearing aids through security, although it’s worth mentioning them to staff if you are flagged for further checking. Once you’re on the plane, switch them to flight mode (if it’s possible with your model) and let flight attendants know that you wear hearing aids if you have trouble communicating over the noise of the plane. 

Flying with hearing aids

Successful travel with hearing aids

6 tips for a successful trip

  • Ask if there is an induction loop available at major tourist attractions, such as museums, so you can hear the commentary. 
  • Remember to remove your hearing aids when swimming,
  • Use apps and technologies to stay organised with travel times and itineraries, 
  • Let people know you wear hearing aids to preempt any communication difficulties. 
  • Dry out your hearing aids if you’re swimming regularly.
  • Keep up with regular cleaning. You can find some tips for cleaning your hearing aids here.

Need to talk to an audiologist about your travel requirements?

Your local Bay Audio clinicians are on hand to answer any questions you have, or to provide the hearing aid accessories you need for a successful trip away.