Support for a Loved One

If someone close to you is suffering from hearing loss, encourage them to have a hearing screening and offer to be their support person. Make a booking enquiry for your loved one today.

Hearing device use can make a significant difference to the wearer’s enjoyment and quality of life.

Hearing loss treated with hearing devices can help decrease fatigue, irritability, risk to personal safety and withdrawal from social situations.

Hearing devices reintroduce the user to a world of sound. Some people will adjust quickly, while others may take longer to become accustomed to the new sounds. It is important to maintain realistic expectations during the first few weeks following the introduction of hearing devices. The longer the hearing devices are worn, the faster the wearer will adjust to using them.

Working Together to Support your Loved One

Your Bay Audio clinician will discuss with you what to expect when adjusting to these new sounds and how a support person can assist.

They say two heads are better than one and that is certainly true when it comes to hearing loss. For this reason, Bay Audio encourages customers to bring a “support person” along to all appointments including hearing tests, device fittings and annual reviews.

A support member may be a family member, partner or friend. Bringing them along will ensure that the customer has a person who understands what is happening to them and what they are going through.

Your Hearing Technology Experts

Give us a call or make a booking enquiry to see how we can help you support and encourage your loved one.