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Livio Edge AI

With Livio Edge AI, the power of artificial intelligence is at your fingertips, giving you the next generation sound performance in the most challenging listening environments.

Key Features

  • Award winning technology
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Track and monitor physical and mental activity
  • World’s first custom-molded hearing aid for enhanced comfort
  • Integrated sensors and artificial intelligence provides unique, smart features

Features and Benefits

Livio Edge AI reinvents the hearing aid with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence to empower you with life-changing features and sound performance.

Track and take charge of your body & brain health through integrated sensors and AI.

Remotely control your hearing aids without needing to touch them.

Enjoy universal Bluetooth connectivity to your TV, smartphone and more

Custom moulded to fit your unique ear canal comfortably and securely.

Works alongside the Thrive Hearing App, putting contol in the palm of your hands.

Game-changing sound with Edge Mode. Feedback free, superior sound quality.

A growing body of evidence points to a connection between hearing health and overall health. People who treat their hearing loss not only hear better, they lower their risk for serious health issues such as cognitive decline and dementia.

The ear is the best place to track health and fitness data. Livio Edge AI provides you with that advantage.

Body Tracking: Staying active is key to staying healthy. Tracking steps and movement has been shown to inspire continuing or increasing activity.

Brain Tracking: A healthy social life can reduce stress and prevent depression, leading to better brain health. Monitoring hearing aid use and engagement can encourage more social interaction.

Fall Detection and Alerts: Designed to help you stay independent, falls can be detected and alert messages sent to selected contacts


How it Works

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2. Find the right solution

We’ll help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

3. Ongoing service and support

Enjoy ongoing service and support from our friendly team at your nearest location.

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