How to Comfortably Wear Hearing Aids with Glasses

If you’re new to wearing a behind-the-ear hearing aid and you also wear glasses, you might be unsure of how the two can work together. Both occupy the same space behind the ear, so it can feel awkward in the beginning.

But after a bit of practice, wearing a BTE hearing aid with glasses at the same time starts to feel entirely normal. Here’s how you make it work.

Step by step

  1. Put your glasses on first as they’ll be much easier to adjust without the hearing aid.
  2. Carefully place your hearing aid between the arm of the glasses and your outer ear. 
  3. Adjust both so the hearing aid sits as close to the outer ear as possible without becoming uncomfortable.
  4. Practice taking the glasses on and off in front of a mirror without removing the hearing aid. It’s best to do this at home first on soft carpet, so your hearing aid won’t be damaged if it falls off. 

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