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Starkey Evolve AI

Starkey Evolv AI

Effortless hearing has arrived! Featuring Starkey’s most advanced and innovative hearing technologies, Evolv AI hearing aids provide exceptional sound quality in all listening environments, while demanding less listening effort from the user thanks to a 40% reduction in noise energy.

Key Features

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to improve hearing in challenging environments
  • Voice streaming connectivity with Apple* iPhones and iPads
  • Entertainment streaming connectivity with TV, radio and audio devices
  • Fully rechargeable

Features and Benefits

Evolv AI combines Starkey’s best ever sound quality with advanced automatic connectivity, so users can engage in every conversation with greater clarity and less effort, and enjoy their music, TV and live entertainment more fully too.


Up to 55 million automatic audio adjustments are made per hour to ensure clear, realistic and genuine sound reproduction in all listening environments.

Hearing aid microphones pick up and stream the user’s voice wirelessly to select* iPhone and iPad devices, for easy hands-free conversations.


The world’s first and only 2.4GHz custom rechargeable hearing aids.


A 40% reduction in noise energy compared to previous technologies means the sound quality is better than ever.


Automatically and conveniently saves battery power when hearing aids are not in use.

Detects if the wearer has fallen, then sends an alert message to emergency contacts.

A wide range of wireless accessories including microphones, chargers and remote controls.

Hearing better in challenging listening environments is easier with the on-demand Artificial Intelligence feature, operable with or without the Thrive smartphone app.

With life-changing features and fingertip controls, the Thrive hearing control app from Starkey redefines what a hearing aid can do for its wearer.

Thrive gives a user full control of their Evolv AI hearing aids via the touchscreen on their smartphone. Using Bluetooth connectivity, users can adjust volume, switch memory settings, and manage other cutting-edge features that no hearing aids have ever been able to do – until now.

The Thrive app is easy to set up, use and navigate and gives users access to features to help them hear and live better, such as:

  • Health evaluation features like Engagement and Activity Tracking.
  • Assistive features like Find My Phone, Translate, Transcribe and Self Check – lets users check their hearing aid’s performance themselves instead of scheduling a visit with a clinician.
  • Innovative new hearing features like Mask Mode make it easier to converse with people wearing face masks.


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