Hearing Aid Batteries

Your hearing aid batteries are vital to its function, so it is important to change them regularly, know the warning signs for when they’re running low and be aware of which batteries your device requires.

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How do I know what size batteries I need? Batteries for hearing devices are available in four sizes and are colour coded by size:

Size A10 batteries (5.8mm x 3.6mm):

Colour coded yellow, these are primarily used in mini receiver in the ear devices, with batteries lasting 3-10 days, these are the smallest hearing aid batteries.

Size A13 batteries (7.9mm x 5.4mm):

Colour coded orange, these are primarily used in behind the ear devices, with batteries lasting 6-14 days.

Size A312 batteries (7.9mm x 3.6mm):

Colour coded brown, these are primarily used in mini behind the ear devices, in the canal devices and mini receiver in the ear devices with batteries lasting 3-10 days.

Size A675 batteries (11.6mm x 5.4mm):

The largest hearing aid batteries, but also the longest lasting, are colour coded blue, and usually only used in behind the ear devices, these batteries last 9-20 days.

Rayovac Batteries size 10, were brought to market in 1986. This made possible the introduction of the smaller hearing aids that are so common today.

The cost of hearing aid batteries

While replacing batteries is relatively easy and can be done by the user, cost is still an important factor. Bay Audio however, offers a service to mitigate this cost a little and keep your hearing device running smoothly. The Bay Audio Battery Club can save you over 50% on the cost of replacement batteries, with the loyalty club offering six batteries for just $3, with the 8th pack free.

Also available for eligible customers, under the Office of Hearing Services Program, is an annual battery and maintenance scheme. Under this scheme, we will maintain your hearing aid and supply batteries of an annual fee.

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How long do hearing aid batteries Last?

As all hearing devices use batteries it is important to consider their cost and replacement. In some devices, rechargeable batteries are available however, in the majority of hearing aids, you will need to replace the batteries every 10-30 days.

There are a range of variants that can affect how long your battery can last, these include; how much you use your hearing aid, what settings your hearing aid is on, the battery type and the type of hearing aid.

Are there ways to minimise battery drain?

There are multiple ways to minimise drain on your battery, which will reduce the number of times you have to change it.

This includes:

  • Remove the battery completely if you aren’t using your device for an extended period of time
  • Overnight, turn off your hearing aid and open the door to the battery compartment
  • Keep batteries away from coins or other metal objects which can discharge the batteries
  • Keep out of extreme hot or cold temperatures
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How do I know if I should change the batteries?

While your batteries can lose charge very quickly, there can be several indicators that you need to change the batteries in your hearing device.

Some hearing aids emit a low beeping tone to alert you to the need of the batteries to be changed, other indicators include the sound you receive becoming distorted or all sound ceasing.

Due to the capacity of hearing aid batteries to quickly discharge it is a good idea to carry spare batteries with you at all times.

Your Hearing Technology Experts

Hearing aid batteries should be stored at room temperatures in a cool, dry place and away from other metal objects. It is important to remove dead batteries immediately as they can swell and become trapped in the battery compartment.

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