Clocks & Alarm Clocks

Everyone should be able to climb into bed knowing their clock will wake them up and that they’ll start their day on time. And for people with hearing loss, it’s as simple as swapping their conventional alarm clock with a more specialised timepiece with invaluable functions that generic alarm clocks aren’t designed to have. From flashing lights and vibration features to amplified super-loud volume modes and more, specialised clocks can make such a difference to the day to day lives of people with a hearing loss whether they’re wearing a hearing aid or not.

Our Range

We’ve put together a focused and comprehensive range of Geemarc and Oricom clocks and alarm clocks ideal for people who have a hearing loss as well as those living with some degree of sight impairment, that make it easier to keep every day life on time, on track and on schedule.


While our range evolves with technology over time, every clock we stock always has features that ensure you’re never too far away from being able to quickly and accurately comprehend both the time and the day.

Digital Clock with 8″ LCD display

This clock features an oversized display with non-abbreviated day, date, month and year making it ideal for Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers as well as those with impaired vision. With versatility in mounting and available in white or woodgrain, it’s just as suitable at home as it is in an office or waiting room.

Alarm Clocks

Swap your conventional clock for one with much more specialised features, so you’re always on time for your appointments, and when you do sleep in, it’s because you knew you could. 

Our range includes alarm clock features useful not only for the hard of hearing but also for heavy sleepers and students.

WNS100 Wake ‘N’ Shake Loud Alarm with Jumbo Display

This extra-loud vibrating alarm clock with a hi-visibility curved front face includes audible alarm options, LED alert lights, vibrating shakers, flashing strobes and a USB port for smartphones.

WAKE ‘N’ SHAKE Travel Alarm Clock

Perfect for when you can’t rely on your normal home routines and environment, this clock will shake you awake with its powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsating alarm.

VAC500 Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock

Ideal for home or travelling, the alarm and vibrating function are sure to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. Perfect for shift workers, those who are hard of hearing and anyone that needs a loud wake-up call.

See our full range of assistive clocks and alarm clocks

Now you can ensure you’re always on time with timepieces not only for those with a hearing loss but also for heavy sleepers and students. Come in store for advice from our experienced audiologists to discuss your hearing impairment and to inspect our full range of specialised extra loud and vibrating alarm clocks.


Your Hearing Technology Experts

If some of these symptoms ring true for you, you may be experiencing hearing loss. Thankfully, modern technology has created hearing aids that deliver truly amazing hearing improvements while remaining virtually undetectable.

Bay Audio are the hearing technology experts, and can find the perfect hearing aid for you to ensure you can continue to enjoy life as normal. If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, book a hearing test with one of our experts now.