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Earlier this week, the internet was sent on a frenzy due to a computer generated voice recording, which can be heard saying either Laurel or Yanny.

With people hearing two different words, a lot of discussion has come about on what the audio is actually saying.


Yanny or Laurel Explanation

With the debate taking off like the 2015 dilemma of the Black or Gold Dress, National Clinical Manager and audiologist  at Bay Audio, Ryan Allen, has explained the reasons behind this craze.

The recording can be heard differently as everyone has a different level of hearing. For example, some can hear high frequencies, and some can only hear low frequencies. Depending on the hearing level, words can be deciphered differently.

These interpretations can be based around age differences. Younger people tend to be able to hear higher frequencies which will result in Yanny, with older ages hearing the low frequencies which will be heard as Laurel. However, your hearing levels are not necessarily based on age, it differs per person.

It is also interesting to note that If the sound isn’t clear enough, the brain will interpret it differently and try and fill in the gaps, creating the assumption on what the word is. With the recording being a computer generated voice, this can also play on the ways it is interpreted.

So therefore there is no correct answer, it all comes down to the individuals hearing abilities.

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