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Hearing loss in the workplace can have a profound effect on performance, safety and well-being. About 1 million Australians are exposed to hazardous levels of noise in the workplace. In 2001, 96% of worker’s compensation claims were noise and pressure-related.

Hearing loss occurs as a result of many situations and conditions. Sustained or sudden exposure to loud noises can cause sensorineural hearing loss which can be permanent.  Many sensorineural hearing conditions can be treated with audio hearing devices that allow those affected to continue to function normally.

 Hearing loss may be sudden, or take time to develop. The physical signs that you’re experiencing may be unnoticeable and the emotional impact can be quite profound. If you’re feeling socially isolated, annoyed or embarrassed because you can’t follow conversations or hear what’s going on, you could be experiencing progressive hearing loss.

Although Australians in loud workplaces experience hearing loss, recreational activities can also be a cause of hearing loss. There are many conditions that can lead to a degeneration of hearing and the effect on office workers, too, can be profound and detrimental if left unchecked.

If you’re frequently called upon in meetings and can’t hear what people are saying, the impression you leave may be less than helpful. Not responding to colleagues or appearing to ignore them can lead to isolation and an effect on your performance.

The impacts can be life changing. The choice to do something about it is quick and easy. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re affected, take this online hearing test.

Australia is a leader in the research and manufacturing of cutting edge hearing technologies. Understanding what you’re facing will help an audiologist refer you to experts in the treatment of hearing loss.

Once you have a clear picture of the reason behind your hearing loss, there are steps you can take to manage the situation. Tinnitus or Meniere’s disease can make sufferers feel dizzy or nauseous. Explaining this condition to colleagues and managers will allow them to adapt the workplace to your needs as they take your condition into consideration.

If you need surgery or ongoing treatment to address the underlying cause of hearing loss, your workplace will appreciate your candour in explaining the situation. If the cause of your condition is related to your workplace, you may be eligible for compensation.

Permanent hearing loss will require some changes to the way you work. You may need to request special equipment to be installed to help you meet your obligations. It’s important that you discuss your condition with as much information as possible. This helps to dispel any uncertainty about your capabilities.

Contacting a hearing clinic on the Gold Coast is your first step to organising a hearing test. Many practices also provide free audiology testing online.

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