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A catch cry of dissatisfied spouses often starts with “he never listens to me,” or “he never talks.” As we age, most of us will experience a loss of sight, strength, flexibility and hearing. As we approach the middle decades, our minds become more agile and our ability to solve problems more profound. But our senses start deteriorating, most notably with the wearing of glasses.

What many of us fail to recognise is that hearing loss can also be a natural part of the aging process. The condition is called Presbycusis and is a natural part of aging that starts in early adulthood.

Less understood (and because the loss is often so gradual and unrecognisable), many people with hearing loss – and their loved ones – suffer in ignorance. Unlike optometrists, audio clinics are not as prevalent or recognisable, so many people neglect regular hearing tests once they reach 50 years of age.

A spouse can feel neglected and unappreciated when they’re not heard. Ironically, a spouse who doesn’t hear well can also feel the same way. The confusion and misunderstandings can be devastating and permanent.

Solutions to hearing loss are keeping pace with rapid advances in technology. However, personal devices that allow us to communicate with greater vision make it difficult to uncover a hearing difficulty.

Poor hearing can have a profound affect on the children of those with hearing loss, too. Young children can feel ignored, when a parent or grandparent simply can’t hear them, whilst adult children of those with hearing loss can experience frustration and disassociation with a parent who is reluctant to acknowledge a problem.

Consequentially, it is the relationship with a spouse that is most affected by hearing loss, which in turn can have a devastating impact on entire families and the friendships supporting them. Intimate relationships require communication using many different types of cues and senses. Talking is fundamental to how we communicate love, respect and appreciation. Listening is how we demonstrate compassion, empathy and understanding.

Audio hearing devices today are small enough to be almost completely hidden within the ear. Advanced technology today means that hearing aids are so small, they’re almost unperceivable. Hearing tests are easy to locate with many hearing clinics on the Gold Coast offering them at no cost.

If you’re the least bit concerned, take a free online hearing test. You can then make a booking if it looks like you need to investigate the problem further.

A lack of hearing doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship, or enjoying time together. When you consider hearing loss as natural and correctable as eyesight deterioration, you can continue to experience profound intimacy and closeness with your spouse, children and loved ones.

Become a better listener and be open to the possibility of more satisfying relationships with an improvement in your hearing.  Find a Bay Audio near you or call 1800 474 051 to arrange a Siemens hearing test.

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