Resound Enzo²

Resound Enzo²

Advanced Surround Technology With Resound Enzo² Hearing Aids

Touted as one of the most advanced Resound hearing aids on the market, Enzo² makes listening to the world around you accurate, easy and comfortable. But, what makes the Resound Enzo² so special that it’s one of the  world’s only made-for-iPhone hearing aid on the market – giving you total and discreet control over your settings as well as direct audio streaming.

Why choose the Enzo² from Resound Hearing Aids?

  • The world’s only made-for-iPhone hearing aid
  • Customise your settings and stream audio from your iPhone
  • Designed to follow the shape of a human ear for extra comfort
  • Surround Sound technology increases amplification without noise feedback

As an independent company, we only select the best hearing aids

Sound quality and comfort is something our team at Bay Audio feels especially strongly about. As an independent company, we’re in the great position of being able to stock only the very best Resound hearing aids as well as other leading brands.

Our expert team is here to guide you towards the hearing aid that’s the right fit for you cosmetically as well as functionally. We’re so confident in the quality of the hearing aids that you get a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee, with no hidden fees attached. In addition to this, our highly-trained technicians offer unlimited everyday maintenance work to keep your Resound Enzo² always working as intended.

To learn more about our Resound hearing aids and how you can apply for government funding, please contact our team now.

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