Bay Audio Hearing Expert promises

A minimum 36 month warranty on all hearing devices. Get 5 years warranty on our Premier Plus devices. Get 4 years warranty on our Premier devices. Warranties are exclusively covered by Bay Audio and include the same terms & conditions as the manufacturers warranty

Aftercare support

Unlimited Aftercare and Everyday Maintenance for the life of the hearing aid.

Money back guarantee

A 100% 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee, with no hidden fees.

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Hearing Aids

Today’s hearing aids bear little resemblance to the bulky and unsightly hearing aids of the past. Miniaturisation has made them virtually invisible and the latest technology has drastically improved hearing performance while making available a host of impressive features that seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. Imagine a hearing aid that can isolate the voice of the person you’re talking to while repressing the other sounds that can overwhelm and confuse a conversation in a noisy area.

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Hearing Health

Hearing is a vital way in which we interpret the world around us; from conversations with loved ones, to listening to traffic as we cross the road, to singing along to music. But how does hearing work? In order to understand this, we need to first understand the ear’s anatomy.

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Hearing Aid Aftercare & Support

At Bay Audio, we pride ourselves on our helpful and friendly team, as well as the high level of customer service we offer. Our aftercare services include the repair of devices, help with anything and everything to do with batteries (from replacing to identifying which batteries you need) to giving you a hand with the cleaning of your hearing aid over a nice cuppa with one of our friendly team members.

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Your hearing technology experts

Constant advances in technology have made a huge difference to the way we communicate with each other every day. Nowhere are the benefits of these technological advancements more evident than in the most important aspect of our personal communications, our hearing.

The combination of innovation, miniaturisation and advanced technology has transformed today’s hearing devices from bulky, unattractive hearing aids with limited capability to modern marvels that deliver amazing hearing improvements while being virtually undetectable.

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