Your Hearing Technology Experts

Constant advances in technology have made a huge difference to the way we communicate with each other every day. Nowhere are the benefits of these technological advancements more evident than in the most important aspect of our personal communications, our hearing.
The combination of innovation, miniaturisation and advanced technology has transformed today’s hearing devices from bulky, unattractive hearing aids with limited capability to modern marvels that deliver amazing hearing improvements while being virtually undetectable.

So, Just How Good Are They?

Imagine a tiny hearing device that can not only adapt to a variety of challenging hearing situations but also connects wirelessly to your phone, music player, television, sound system or computer. All of this combined ensures the best possible hearing outcome.
There are a wide variety of hearing aids and digital hearing aid devices available, so it’s very important to get the right advice. Bay Audio’s professional clinicians can help you to identify what level of hearing assistance you need and then present you with the alternatives that provide the optimum hearing solution for you and your budget.

Our Services

Your local Bay Audio store can provide a comprehensive range of hearing services, including:
• Free hearing tests
• Hearing aids (Ask about our hearing aid discounts)
• Hearing aid repairs
• Hearing aid batteries (discounts available; see our FAQ)
• Clinical diagnosis services
• Tinnitus treatment
• Audiograms
• Australian Government Hearing Services Program assistance

If you’d like some help with your hearing issues, a hearing test, or any other audiology needs, just contact our team.
Give us a call or visit one of our local Bay Audio stores for quick, friendly service.