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Whether you’re concerned about your hearing or you’re simply curious to learn more, deciding to take a hearing test is always a good step. Some people may not see the point in checking their hearing while it’s still intact, but there are various reasons to take this step.

Why we should Have Hearing Tests?

Most hearing loss is gradual and most of us adapt over time and don’t notice these losses. By testing your hearing, you can get a baseline measurement and continue to monitor your hearing over time.

It’s also a good idea to have hearing tests for preventative reasons. Many of us neglect our ears in ways we wouldn’t for the rest of our body. We don’t just go to the dentist when our teeth hurt and regular doctor’s check-ups are commonplace. The same thing should apply to our ears.

To learn a little bit more, let’s find out what to expect from a hearing test.

Pure Tone Audiometry vs Speech Audiometry

Let’s begin by looking at Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech Audiometry, two types of hearing checks that have many aspects in common.

Both hearing checks involve sitting in a soundproof booth with headphones and both involve hearing and responding to different sounds.

Pure tone audiometry involves listening to a range of different sounds at different pitches. This measures your ability to hear these pitches.

Speech audiometry, on the other hand, involves listening for and responding to words. The audiologist will play words at different volumes and you will need to respond to them. This measures your ability to understand speech, a vital aspect of hearing. 

A Free Audiology Test Made Easy

While soundproof environments and special equipment are essential for a formal clinical hearing diagnosis, there are other ways to gauge your hearing levels.

You can take a free audiology test online, which can give you a general understanding of your hearing. Simply follow this link to begin the Bay Audio free audiology test. It’s completely interactive and involves answering a few questions and completing some hearing exercises. We recommend wearing headphones, but you can also complete the test using your device’s speakers.

Free Instore Testing

Guided by our audiologists, you can also take a test at your local Bay Audio. Our touch screen tests are world-first developments, made by the Bay Audio team. All you need to do is slip on our special headphones and take the 5 minute test, free of charge.

A virtual audiologist will guide you through the steps and our team will be on hand to help out too. No appointment is needed for this test and we can print and review results for you.



Whether you need a clinical diagnosis, an instore test, or you just want to try the online version, Bay Audio is here to help you. If you would like to book an appointment for a more in-depth consultation, you can do that right here. We will even point you towards your most convenient Bay Audio Clinic.

Your Hearing Technology Experts

If you have any questions regarding your hearing, why not get in touch or book a hearing test with your local Bay Audio audiologist.

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