Help, My Ears are Ringing! Understanding Tinnitus

By Bay Audio | July 4th, 2016

  Hearing is one of the most central parts of most our lives, so much so that we can often take it for granted. When we experience something out of the ordinary with our hearing though, its normal to be a bit concerned. Fortunately, many of these symptoms are innocuous but it’s still important to […]

Now available at Bay Audio: the world’s first technology clinically proven to outperform normal hearing.*

By Bay Audio | January 19th, 2015

The new binax hearing aids from Siemens enable wearers to understand speech in challenging listening environments even better than people with normal hearing. Using advanced directional microphones and innovative wireless binaural processing, sound is picked up using a virtual eight microphone network, and the clever binax chip within the hearing aids eliminates the noise you […]

Say hello to the world’s smartest hearing device – Personalise on-the-go!

By Bay Audio | July 15th, 2014

ReSound LiNX… turning hearing aids into wireless headsets! ReSound LiNX is the world’s smartest hearing aid. Powered by the all new SmartRange 2.4 GHz dual core chip making it the fastest hearing aid platform in the world. Offering remarkable speech understanding and a great sense of where sounds are coming from. ReSound LiNX is Made for iPhone …meaning direct connectivity! No intermediate […]

The new Siemens Insio – virtually invisible!

By Bay Audio | July 9th, 2014

If you would prefer that your family and friends didn’t notice your hearing loss or hearing devices, the tiny Insio IIC (Invisible-In-the-Canal) may be the hearing aid for you. It virtually disappears in the bowl of your ear canal, meaning no-one will suspect that you have a hearing loss – unless you choose to tell them. In the meantime […]

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