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When you ask your dad what he wants for Father’s Day, the common refrain comes, “Your presence is present enough for me!” and while this is a lovely sentiment, it makes gift giving a little difficult. As our parents age, their hearing almost inevitably diminishes, but this doesn’t have to mean a breakdown in communication. One way to fulfill your Dad’s wish of spending time together this Father’s Day while also giving him a gift, is by ensuring his ability to hear is as unimpeded as possible. This way you can both share those funny and heartfelt conversations you’ve come to love this Father’s Day.


Symptoms Your Dad’s Hearing May Be Declining

It is surprisingly easy for hearing loss to go undetected due to a few simple factors. Presbycusis is the most common type of hearing loss associated with age, and as it comes on gradually, it can be hard for the person affected to notice. Impacting one third of those over 65, it is incredibly common. Hearing loss however, can be an issue of pride amongst those who are slightly older, and it isn’t unheard of for parents and loved ones to try and “battle through” it, without mentioning anything is wrong. Due to this it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for some simple indicators that your Dad may be having trouble hearing you.

  • Does he ask you to repeat yourself more than he used to?
  • Does he appear to be lip reading or need you to be in full light so he can read your body language to fully understand what you’re saying?
  • Does minor background noise increase the amount of times he is asking you to repeat yourself?
  • Does he seem less involved in social situations and gatherings than he once was?

If you’re finding this is the case, what better time to have a chat with him about getting his hearing tested than over a Father’s Day barbeque or beer? A preliminary hearing test can even be conducted online to give you a quick idea of whether or not it will be necessary to visit an audiologist. If this is the case, a more comprehensive test is non-invasive and will be over before he knows it, leading you both towards more enjoyable and fulfilling communication.


Hearing Aid Checks and Maintenance

If your Dad already has a hearing aid but is still having some trouble hearing what you’re saying, it might be a good idea to ensure his hearing device is properly maintained and in good repair. A simple clean can make a world of difference, and immediately lift the level of conversation this Father’s Day, putting him in a better position to discuss what he’s been up to in the garden or how your favourite footy team is going. Your Dad will most likely have the tools required for a quick clean, such as wax picks, hearing aid cleaning wire or even just a clean dry cloth. Using clean hands, remove any wax and debris from the device and ensure it has a fresh battery. For any trapped wax, it’s best to take the hearing aid to an expert for cleaning to avoid damaging it. On top of helping you clean your Dad’s device, Bay Audio also offers a range of aftercare services including repairs, help with anything and everything to do with batteries and can answer any hearing related questions you might have.


Why Address Hearing Loss?

With some Dads, discussing hearing loss can be an uncomfortable conversation to have however, it’s crucial to address any sort of hearing loss as soon as it’s apparent. If left untreated, not only can hearing further deteriorate, but it can also lead to depression and anxiety, due to the isolation it causes.

As life gets busy, it’s really important to cherish the time we have with our Dads. This Father’s Day, by ensuring your Dad is hearing you loud and clear, you can give both of you the gift of great conversation and effective communication, infinitely more enjoyable than a new tie!

Your Hearing Technology Experts

If you have any questions regarding your hearing, why not get in touch or book a hearing test with your local Bay Audio audiologist.

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