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Oticon Nera2 Pro
Oticon Nera2 Pro
Oticon Nera2 Pro

Oticon Nera2 Pro

With a more natural hearing experience and less listening effort, Oticon Nera2 Pro lets you enjoy more of life in any environment -because every moment matters.

Key Features

  • Exceptional speech understanding and sound clarity
  • Available in a variety of colours and styles
  • Shape the sound of your life with advanced personalisation
  • Discreet styles that are practically invisible
  • Spatial Sound and Free Focus technology for ease of listening

Features and Benefits

Nera2 Pro helps you engage in fast and interactive dialogues and better understand what is being said, no matter the environment.


Built-in Tinnitus management technology to help relieve Tinnitus.


Spatial Sound technology helps you recognise where sounds are coming from.


Free Focus technology enables you to easily extract sounds from background noise.


Nano-coated for dirt and moisture protection.


Available in a variety of colours and styles to suit every personality.


Your hearing aid will be as unique as you with premium YouMatic personalisation.

Nera2 Pro is a complete family of excellent hearing aid solutions that can be customised to your unique needs and preferences to be as individual as you are.

Nera2 Pro offers a variety of opportunities for personalisation so you can shape the sound to your life and customise your hearing aids to your unique needs and lifestyle.

With superior sound quality and three of Oticon’s BrainHearing technologies, the Nera2 Pro enables you to better understand speech and take part in conversations in the most challenging of environments.

Support your brain’s natural ability to sense where a sound is coming from with Nera2 Pro’s Spatial Sound technology. Know where to focus your attention, and then switch your focus with ease through Nera2 Pro’s Free Focus technology.

Oticon Nera2 Pro
Oticon Nera2 Pro

How it Works

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3. Ongoing service and support

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