Signia Pure 312

The Signia Pure 312 is pure sophistication in a small package. With its small, elegant housing Signia’s Pure 312 sits unobtrusively behind your ear, letting you enjoy the most natural sound experience.

Key Features

  • Perfect for all levels of hearing loss
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Built-in Tinnitus therapies
  • Remote control and Bluetooth enabled
  • Powerful Own Voice Processing technology

Features and Benefits

Packed with sophisticated, state-of-the art technology, Signia Pure 312 offers the most natural sound and highest hearing performance.

Perfect for all levels of hearing loss, whether mild, moderate, severe or profound.

Remote control (via smartphone) enabled for maximum convenience and discretion.

Audio stream straight from your smartphone or TV with superior Bluetooth connectivity

Exchangeable housing offers greater flexibility in style and colour.

Tune out Tinnitus with the unique built-in Tinnitus therapies.

Sound Clarity lets you enjoy crystal clear sound, even in the loudest environments.

Discussing the latest exhibition with friends or experiencing a longed-for performance - Signia Pure 312 lets your share in all of life’s beautiful moments.

Whether it’s a crowded street, an open-plan office or a busy restaurant, Signia Pure 312 tackles these challenges aptly, replicating the natural way we localise sound.

With directional microphones, the Signia Pure 312 lets you focus on what you want to hear while filtering out unwanted background noise. You hear most clearly what you want to hear, no mater the situation.

Signia Pure 312’s unique Tinnitus therapy signals provide a soothing and unobtrusive break from the stress of daily life. You’ll have plenty of choice with notch therapy, five static noise types and four ocean wave signals.

Signia Pure 312 is the perfect (and smallest) solution for natural sounds and direct sound streaming.

How it Works

1. Book your Hearing Test

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2. Find the right solution

We’ll help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

3. Ongoing service and support

Enjoy ongoing service and support from our friendly team at your nearest location.

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