ReSound Linx 3D

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ReSound Linx 3D

Thanks to the power of ReSound Linx 3D, a new dimension of exceptional hearing care is now available. Giving you the power to understand 40% more speech in noise and hear 80% more surround sounds than other premium products means only one thing – the future is here.

ReSound Linx 3D hearing aids fit snugly in place while also boasting a discreet design and a sophisticated colour range. Surround Sound by Resound makes your listening experience effortless and comfortable while exposed to the harshest sound environments.

The Linx 3D is the latest Smart Hearing aid with made-for-iPhone media streaming and Bluetooth Smart Cloud technology. Through the powerful new ReSound Smart 3D App you can effortlessly control and personalise your preferences to define how you hear the world around you. For further information on the ReSound Linx 3D hearing aid range, please get in touch with our friendly experts now

Exceptional Sound Quality With ReSound LiNX 3D Hearing Aids

Known for its high-fidelity sound and sleek designs, the Resound Linx 3D proudly sits at the forefront of what’s possible with hearing aids. Whatever high standards you have for audio quality or aesthetic style, Linx hearing aids provide everything you need and more.

Why choose Linx 3D from Resound Hearing Aids?

  • A new dimension of exceptional sound quality
  • Reliable technology with a discreet appearance
  • Made-for-iPhone connectivity and media streaming
  • Available in a range of attractive colours and discreet designs
  • Control and personalise your preferences with the ReSound Smart 3D App

We’re committed to providing the finest hearing aids available

At Bay Audio, we believe that sound quality, comfort, and ease of use can’t be compromised when it comes to hearing aids. That’s why as an independent company we stock a range of exceptional products like the Resound Linx 3D hearing aids.

Our experienced team of highly trained technicians can take you through every stage of your purchase and provide you with advice on government funding and much more. In addition to this, all of our hearing devices have a minimum 25-month warranty as well as unlimited aftercare for everyday maintenance issues.

To purchase our Resound hearing aids with a 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee, please contact our team now.

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