Pure Primax

Pure Primax

Improved Speech Understanding With Siemens Pure Primax

Pure Primax is the latest Siemens hearing aid to hit the market and it’s packed full of advanced technological features. From improved speech understanding to advanced background noise removal and much more, the Siemen Pure Primax is pushing the boundaries by redefining what’s achievable with hearing devices.

Why choose the Pure Primax Siemens hearing aid?

  • Smooth and less strained hearing in loud environments
  • Wireless binaural sound processing for high-quality audio
  • Easy listening/volume adjustments with the rocker switch
  • Improved speech understanding from directional microphones

Get a minimum 25-month warranty on all our hearing devices

If you’re reliant on a hearing aid you need to know that your purchase is going to give you the best results in every situation. As an independent company, Bay Audio is able to select the very best Siemens hearing aids as well as others from leading brands. This means we’re always offering the most technologically advanced hearing aids on the market.

We really have faith in all of our products and that’s why we offer a minimum 25-month warranty on every hearing aid. In addition to this, you gain instant membership to Bay Audio Battery Club where you can make huge annual savings. No matter what kind of hearing aid your life demands, Bay Audio has exactly what you need.

To speak to a member of our team about how to apply for a government funded Siemens Pure Primax, please contact our team now.

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