Pure Charge&Go

Pure Charge & Go

Advanced, reliable and intuitive, the Pure Charge&Go from Signia delivers natural sound quality in any environment and offers an amazing range of features without the need to change a battery for the life of the device.

  • Stream phone calls directly from your iPhone or with StreamLine Mic from all other smartphones
  • Listen to your favourite music or TV audio streamed directly into your hearing aids
  • OVPTM (Own Voice Processing) delivers the natural sound of your own voice combined with optimal hearing of all other sounds for a pleasant and natural listening experience.
  • Advanced noise suppression technologies make it easier to understand conversation in noisy environments like restaurants and meetings.
  • Signia’s Pure Charge&Go features inductive charging. Simply place them in the charger and they’ll turn on automatically when you take them out.
  • Small, discreet and sophisticated, the Pure Charge&Go is almost unnoticeable behind your ear and is suitable for a wide range of hearing loss.
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