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Christmas is for spending time with loved ones and spreading good cheer. But for those with hearing loss who struggle to understand group conversations, large gatherings can be daunting and isolating. This sense of isolation is very common, especially around the festive season.

With one in six people in Australia now affected by hearing loss, you’re not alone.

As a rule of thumb, you should try to sit in the middle where you are most likely to hear everyone, keep the volume down on the radio or TV, tell those around you about your hearing loss and face whoever you are talking directly. These will all help. However, if you really want to make sure you get all the sights as well as the sounds of Christmas this year, make sure you do the following.

Wear your hearing aids

They may take some getting used to and you may be tempted to only wear them when you think ‘you really need them’ but using your hearing aids will ensure you get the most out of the festive period.

When you first start wearing them, you’ll be able to hear lots of background noise. But once you start using them regularly, those sounds will gradually be moved into the background and easier to ignore as your brain adapts to all the new sounds you can hear.

Just like wearing new glasses, it’s best to adjust your brain slowly, and so, you’ll want to start wearing your hearing aids before the number of Christmas parties come around.

Take care of your hearing aids

Not taking care of your hearing aids means you won’t get the best out of them. A little bit of maintenance will keep your aids and thus your hearing at its best.

Change the wax guard/filters regularly. You can also get drying kits for your aids – the heaters can remove moisture and condensation and the UV light will kill bacteria. This will mean your aids will last much longer and serve you better. If your device does get damp, or it’s very humid, consider a dri-device kit – basically a dehumidifying tub.

At the end of each day, open the battery doors of your devices, and let them breathe. Wipe them over with a soft, dry cloth and give them a brush with the special tool supplied with your devices.

Try lipreading

Following the movements of someone’s lips, tongue, jaw and facial expressions help to tell us what was said. Couple lip reading with a hearing aid and you can dramatically improve your chances of pickling up on someone’s conversation. One issue with lipreading is if someone speaks quickly. If you find yourself in this situation just politely ask them if they can repeat themselves.

Try new technology

Hearing aids are not what they used to be. They can now be connected to your smartphone and TV wirelessly with little effort. You can get that Christmas jingle, festive movie or videos of loved ones beamed directly to your ears and enjoy them alongside everybody else in the room. You can view our range of hearing aids here.

If you want some advice on how you can keep your hearing aids in the best condition possible as well as use tech to connect them up to the other devices in your life, get in touch with Bay Audio today.

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas making use of your hearing devices and family love!


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If you have any questions regarding your hearing, why not get in touch or book a hearing test with your local Bay Audio audiologist.

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