Benefits of smartphone hearing aids

Benefits of smartphone hearing aids

By Bay Audio | October 31st, 2018

Hearing aid technology is now more advanced than ever, meaning we have more functions available than ever before in our devices. This allows for individual lifestyle and needs to be considered when selecting which hearing aid is right for you.

The significant decrease in size has meant that the latest devices are virtually invisible, but the quality hasn’t taken a knock for this, in fact they offer far more benefit than the best hearing aids of previous generations.  

Not only this, but many hearing aids can now connect to your smartphone to enhance your overall hearing experience. Depending on your device, here are a few features you may be able to use with your hearing aids and smartphone connected:

  • Stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids
  • Stream audio directly into your hearing aids
  • Change left and right volume together or separately
  • Find lost hearing aids
  • Check battery status
  • Record, play back, and email audio as it happens
  • Control microphone level to offer extra amplification

There are a range of apps to connect to your hearing aids, turning them into customizable units with features that improve your listening experiences.

Each hearing aid manufacturer has created its own app that is designed specifically to use with your hearing aids. In order for you to take full advantage of the smartphone features, you will need to download the app specific for your hearing aid from the Apple store (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android phones).

Below are the apps created by the manufacturers we use:

We’re in an exciting time where hearing technology is at its most advanced, enhancing sounds and lives better than before. Talk to our audiologists today to learn more about smartphone hearing aids and mobile apps and find out which are suited for your hearing needs. See our hearing aid range here.


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